Accident & Injury Lawyer - San Antonio Car Wreck Attorney
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Car Accidents

Car Accident Attorney in San Antonio


Car Accident Attorney San AntonioA large portion of San Antonio Car Accident Attorney practices are on representing persons injured in car, truck, motorcycle, bus and other motor vehicle accidents. As a Personal Injury Lawyers main focus, they devote the time and resources needed to give personal attention to your case and maximize your recovery.


Most cases accepted against drunk drivers or drunk truck drivers are handled on a contingency fee, meaning if San Antonio Car Wreck Attorneys do not recover any money for you, there is no fee.

San Antonio Car Wreck Attorneys represent victims of drunk drivers and victims of intoxicated drivers in Trials and Settlements throughout the entire State of Texas. A DUI Accident Lawyer or DUI Accident Attorney in San Antonio specializes in these cases.

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Truck accident cases can be very different from car accident cases. You need a San Antonio car accident attorney who is experienced in handling truck accidents due to the nature and complexity of the issues involved. Trucks are not cars. While this may seem obvious, attorneys who handle car wrecks one day, criminal cases the next, and divorces the next day may not be familiar with complex details which mean the difference between winning and losing your case. San Antonio Car Wreck Attorneys specialize in a select few practice areas to make sure to deliver justice for you and your family.

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